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The Heart of Main Street Dental

You Matter To Us

We are expecting you, we have blocked off time to help you and we are looking forward to your visit! There is no need to sign in on a clipboard; this isn’t the DMV and you don’t have to take a number and wait forever. 

We schedule our day to create a comfortable experience for you to get the treatment you need. We won’t overload our schedule because we care about every minute of your time with us. We take great care of you every time you come in. 

You Are in Charge

We clearly explain the steps needed to improve or establish your dental health. We present you with all of your treatment options and then you decide how to move forward. We welcome your questions and will make sure you get the answers you need. We enjoy building long-term relationships built on trust with results you can see and feel. 

You Are Not Alone

We know that figuring out how to best utilize your insurance or take advantage of payment plans and options can be the most stressful part of a visit for many people. Our Patient Care Coordinators, Bernie and Cecilia, are expert guides that enjoy helping you to fully understand the cost of treatment, your insurance coverage, and the many choices you have.

When you visit our office or contact them by phone or email, they always have time for one more question or one more careful explanation to help you. 

The Heart of Main Street Dental

How Can We Help?

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