Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

Gentle, Compassionate Care

At Main Street Dental, we enjoy caring for your entire family. And since oral health care is essential even at a young age, Dr. Desai and his team are happy to help your children maintain optimal oral health through to adulthood. That is why we specialize in pediatric dentistry in East Dundee.

Our Goal

We believe in making sure we do all we can to help your little ones stay on the right track. With regular visits and teaching them good habits along the way, our team here at Main Street Dental is positive your children will have the best shot possible of maintaining healthy teeth. Going to the dentist can be uncomfortable, especially for a child. Our team makes a concerted effort to help you and your child feel at ease right from the start. From the moment you arrive in our front office lobby to being seated in the chair, we try to make it a pleasant and calm experience.

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that focuses on your child’s teeth and jaws as they develop. This encompasses tooth decay, oral disease, orthodontic issues, and their diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Our caring dental team has years of experience and training to provide your child with the care they deserve.

We Make Going to the Dentist Fun & Relaxing

From an early age, it’s critical to assist your child form pleasant associations with going to the dentist. Taking them to a children’s dentist who is willing to communicate to them on their level and make them feel at ease can help them seek dental treatment later in life. Dr. Desai is great with children. He makes sure to take the time to acclimate your child to the dentist’s office. He will talk to your child every step of the process to make sure your child is relaxed. Going to the dentist no longer needs to be scary!

When New Teeth Arrive

A child’s first primary teeth begin to come through between six to twelve months and continue until age three. During that time, their gums may be pretty tender. To help alleviate that discomfort, we recommend you soothe their gums by rubbing a clean finger or a cool, wet cloth across them. Another helpful tip is to use a teething ring.

Pediatric Dentistry – Some Helpful Tips

Teaching and prevention go a long way. By helping your children have good habits from the beginning, you will drastically decrease the chance of issues in the future. 

Regular checkups and cleanings every six months are vital in staying on top of your child’s oral health. We also recommend fluoride treatments twice a year to help their teeth stay strong. Another helpful option is tooth sealants. We recommend them because they can seal the deep grooves in your child’s teeth and prevent decay. Sealants last for a few years and are monitored by Dr. Desai to ensure they are still working well. 

More Tips

Parents can also help reduce tooth decay by limiting sugary drinks and milk in sippy cups, especially around bedtime. Teaching your child to use a sippy cup instead of a bottle around the age of 12-14 months has also proven to help keep cavities at bay. 

And, of course, brushing and flossing are essential parts of oral hygiene. By encouraging your child to do this regularly once they are old enough, you are setting them up for success in keeping their oral health on track.

We look forward to helping your child to have healthy teeth for years to come. Contact our office today to learn more and schedule an appointment.